ABC Child Care Center


The ABC offers developmentally appropriate classroom practice and activities, which enhance cognitive, physical, and social Emotional development.

The Education Department will use the creative Curriculum to:

  • Develop a positive self -concept and attitude toward. Learning self-control, and a sense of belonging.
  • *Develop relationship of mutual trust and respect with adults and peers understand perspective of other people, and negotiate and Apply rules of group living.
  • *Develop curiosity about the world, confidence as a learner, creativity and imagination.
  • *Use language to communicate effectively and to facilitate thinking and learning.  *Represent ideas and feeling through pretend play, dramatic, art, Music movement, and blocks.
  • *Think critically, reason and solve problems: construct knowledge of the physical world, and to understand cause effect.
  • *Understand and respect social and cultural diversity.
  • *Become competent in management of their bodies.
  • *Acquire basic physical skill including gross motor.
  • *To gain knowledge about the care of the bodies and the world around them.

Download one of the available documents (Policies and Procedures, Parent Handbooks, Employment Application Form) on tabs below to begin the enrollment process or apply for employment. You can equally download the ABC Child Care Center Policies and Procedure for additional information on our programs.